Feed the PLN

After reading “How to Cultivate a Personal Learning Network: Tips from Howard Rheingold” I felt much more comfortable moving forward and beginning the development of my own PLN. One of my favorite tips was tip #8 “Respond to inquires made to you. Contribute to both diffuse reciprocity and quid pro quo” After discovering that I not only had to create a blog but then also had to comment on others blogs, and respond to the comments others left on my blog I’ll be honest I rolled my eyes. It usually takes me awhile to come up with a comment and I have to reread things multiple times before posting. The whole process tends to be very time consuming and the main reason I was not looking forward to it.

Spoiler Alert: I have then since changed my mind.

I have learned so much from my peers as well as gained self confidence about my own writing. I actually look forward to reading what others write and their experiences with their ILP. I have also had the opportunity to explore other blogs and twitter accounts that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise, that have so much to offer.

Some ways I plan on feeding my PLN

1.  Using Twitter. Before I was required to I didn’t use Twitter. It was merely an app taking up space on my phone. Now that I understand everything it has to offer I am so excited to explore it more in depth. I have already began to follow many people that share the same interests as me and I’m so excited to learn from them.

2. Blogs. I had heard of blogs but had never read them. I was so clueless to everything they have to offer. I have found a few blogs that I really like and plan to continue the search to find more.

3. Sharing. Like I have mentioned in past blog posts I’m not very good at sharing. I plan on improving on this as well as responding to others.

4. Pinterest. I already use Pinterest a lot, and plan to search for more things that would work in my PLN.


4 thoughts on “Feed the PLN

  1. I’m glad you have a set plan as to how you will use it! I never thought about pinterest, but it really does have some of the best blog posts and ideas out there! Thanks for your thoughts today! 🙂


  2. I also don’t always like to share things about my own thinking on social media, and usually end up not sharing anything. I think I will start to, as you out it, amplify other people’s voices. Thanks for the advice!


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