“CC by AJC”

ds106 is a digital storytelling college level online course that is free and open to everyone. Digital storytelling, put simply, is a way to tell your personal real life story using digital tools.




After exploring ds106 for a little bit I came across a link titled “Inspire.” I clicked on it. Inspire is a site created by ds106 students so they could nominate and give recognition to creations that inspire them. I love this. It is so wonderful seeing people showcasing others hard work and using it as inspiration. More times then not I see people criticizing others work and leaving negative comments, especially with online work. I think this inspire site is a great idea that could be used in a classroom with a few tweaks. It could be used in a bulletin board form or as a website like on ds106. It is sure to boost moral and gives students the opportunity to learn from each other.

Currently feeling inspired by Inspire. “CC by Asja Boros”




Another element of ds106 that I love is the assignment bank. Sure for most students something called the assignment bank sounds like a very bad never ending nightmare. This is not that. The assignment bank has a collection of assignments in divided into different categories. Some of the categories are audio, video, animated GIF, and 3D printed assignments. I’ll b honest I haven’t had a lot of experience if any with most of the categories available, but after exploring some of the assignments that are offered, they actually sound fun.

The assignments in the assignment bank are also a great way to integrate technology into any classroom. The students are sure to enjoy them especially since a lot of the assignments are personal and involve things that students will be interested. I mean who wouldn’t want to create a video about their favorite thing to do and be able to use it as a grade?

Overall I was very impressed with everything that ds106 has to offer. I also love that essentially it’s a free course. I think I will be able to use it a lot for inspiration in my future classroom. I’m pretty excited to start the daily create as well.





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