Podcasts and Digital Storytelling

I think in my entire 22 years of existence I have listened to maybe 3 podcasts, all of which were required for a high school class. None of these caught my attention or challenged my thinking, in fact they gave me a bad taste for podcasts in general. This is probably why I haven’t been to quick to listen to any or even explore them. After reading the article “What Teens are Learning from ‘Serial’ and Other Podcasts” my mind set has shifted. I immediately located the Serial podcast and started listening to episode 1, needless to say I went on a binge and finally took a break after episode 7.

“CC by abacus”



I had never considered using a podcast in the classroom or the impact it could have on learning. I never thought about the impact on listening and analytical skills podcasts could have. I also love the other lesson ideas that were mentioned such as the debate to improve speaking skills. I defiantly plan on incorporating podcasts in my future classroom whenever possible. I’m so excited to explore all the different podcasts out there, and disappointed that I let one bad experience effect my mindset so much.

Digital Storytelling

I love everything that digital storytelling has to offer. What excites me most about digital storytelling is that it can be used for a multitude of students at different ability levels. As a future Special Education teacher I’m always interested in finding new ways of teaching that can be easily adapted to a variety of students. I believe digital storytelling is one of those tools. It allows students to express themselves and share their knowledge in ways that best fit them. A student who may not be able to express himself in writing, may be able to with the use of graphics and pictures. Although it may seem like the traditional pencil and paper approach is the easiest, this is not always the most effective. I can not wait to learn more about digital storytelling and develop ways to integrate it into my future classroom.  


2 thoughts on “Podcasts and Digital Storytelling

  1. I totally agree with you on digital story telling, it opens the door for all types of students! My brother for instance hated to write, he still does, but not because he is unintelligent and can’t put a story together, he just needed an outlet like digital storytelling to get his thoughts together. I love that you are already thinking ahead to your classroom and planning to implement this with your students!


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