You’ve been Googled.

The last time I googled myself I was in High School. All that came up during that search was athletic standings that had been published in the local newspaper. I haven’t thought much about my online identity since then and was very surprised by all the results I found during this search.


This was the only real image of me that I found in the search, this also happens to be my Twitter profile image and probably explains how it got there. I don’t know how I feel about my picture being so public and easily accessible. It’s different when it’s on a social media account because I am able to control who my friends are and who can view it, I have none of this on google and that gives me an uncomfortable, unsure feeling.

Some of the other images included things I have pinned on Pinterest.

I was surprised at how many relative results this search included, compared to my last one in high school. The results included;

  1. My Twitter account
  2. My Facebook account
  3. My WordPress blog
  4. My Pinterest account
  5. A past job website where I am still listed as a staff member
  6. A couple obituaries that I am listed in as family
  7. My Prezi account
  8. Some newspaper articles for athletics from High School

Overall I’m happy with my online identity. There is nothing that I would be embarrassed of or unwilling to share with employers. I think my online identity pretty much just shows how active in social media I am. I don’t think this is uncommon in today’s world, and I think it would be a pretty common result on most google search’s of people.

I tend to be pretty careful when signing up for anything or offering personal information online, but I will probably continue to google myself in the future to ensure that my online identity portrays who I am offline.




4 thoughts on “You’ve been Googled.

  1. Hi Danielle! I share in the unsettling feeling of seeing my profile picture in google images. It was just kind of weird. I’m pretty content with my online identity. I don’t see any potential problems for future employers. I think you have a good idea to continue to google yourself to be sure your online identity is appropriate. Its good to consistently reflect!


  2. I think that is crazy that google gets your images from your twitter or other personal social media accounts, because just like you said, you have a choice who can view the pictures on your social media accounts, but not when it comes to google. It is good that you are happy with your footprint, and you should be because it only sounds like positive stuff! I think your idea to continue to google yourself is one that everyone should do, just to make sure we are safe on the internet, and that there isn’t any mistaken information out there.


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