Attention Log

My past week of online media was filled with local news websites, email checks, Facebook and Pinterest scrolling, stitch fix tracking, sign language learning and hotel websites.

Most of my time spent on local news websites happen in the evening after I get home from work. I usually tend to check my emails once in the morning and once at night and a few times throughout the day as needed. I don’t usually tend to visit Facebook and Pinterest during the day because I am usually to busy with other things. I learned through the attention log that those visits usally happen at night when I’m winding down or when my TV show goes on commercial.  Stitch fix is not something I visit a lot but I am expecting a package and always track them because of how excited I get to receive them. The sign language learning is of course for my Independent learning project and the hotel searches were for a trip I am planning in September.

I can honestly say that I don’t think I was mindful with the majority of online media this past week. I found that a lot of what I spent time on was more out of habit, such as the email checks, and social media visits. These were not things I thought about doing or set aside specific time for, usually I was on the couch or in bed doing these things. They weren’t really things I needed to be doing and I could have been spending my time doing things that were more productive such as homework or reading for enjoyment.

I noticed that when I was being ore mindful with my online media I would post up at my desk to avoid distractions and I was focused on what I was doing and what I wanted to accomplish.

After seeing how I spent my time and how my attention is affected I think I will take some tips from the article “Simplify the Internet” and try to simplify my own online tendencies.


2 thoughts on “Attention Log

  1. Danielle, I find that I too work online in the evening or at times when I am focused and know that I am trying to accomplish a goal with homework. I don’t go online very often anyway, but the time that I am online, I know I need to be mindful of my time and of those around me who need my attention. Good thoughts.


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