Graphic/Visual Creation

I chose to use Canva to create my visual about the Independent Learning Project I worked on over this course. I chose canva because I’ve used it before to create a book cover for a daily create and I was interested in exploring it more to create other visuals. I really like that they offer a large amount of templates to choose from. I chose the infographic template. From there you have the option to choose from many different layouts, I chose not to use a layout and instead design from scratch so I could further explore some of the tools. I was very impressed with the ease of use and once I was able to decide on how I wanted my visual to look the whole process took me about a half hour to create. The most difficult thing I encountered was trying to figure out what to include on the visual. There really isn’t a lot of room and I also wanted to keep things simple for viewers.


I do think there is great value in presenting information in a visual/graphic style. It has been proven that people are more likely to remember information when it is associated with a picture. I also think people are more likely to take the time to read something when it is presented in a visually appealing way versus multiple paragraphs of black and white text.

I would absolutely use visuals and graphics in my classroom. I would use them to display important information such as expectations or key concepts of a lesson. I would also have students create their own for different lessons. I think it’s a great way for students to use technology to create something that also reinforces understanding.


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