My Digital Story of Learning

I chose to create a short digital story about what learning means to me. When I first started this project I didn’t know what to use to create the digital story. I thought about using PowerPoint, but decided that it didn’t offer everything I wanted to include in my story.

I came across the article “Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything: Digital Storytelling”. There were so many resources and tools for creating digital stories. After spending some time exploring I decided on Moovly to create my digital story, enjoy!






7 thoughts on “My Digital Story of Learning

  1. Danielle,
    I liked all the different examples that you gave in your video. It is true, there are so many ways that we can learn. Sharing and receiving information, reading articles/books, listening to podcasts and so on. It is nice that there are so many different ways to learn since there is so much out there to learn and, being the unique individuals that we are, we all learn differently.

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  2. Danielle, I enjoyed your digital story. I liked the transitions and movements. Was audio or music an option? (Just curious.) I’ll have to remember Moovly as a tool for future use! I like how you compared learning to so many different things because it truly is. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks. Audio was an option and I didn’t even consider it until after I published the story. I’ll probably be using it for future use as well. It was very easy to use and had a lot of different options.


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