I am an Innovator…

Before my first year of classes after receiving my Associates of Art in Education I thought I had a pretty good mindset on what I believed education to be. I had written a theory paper on what education looked liked to me and how my future classroom would operate. I have since then changed almost every opinion I wrote in that paper.

I have had the opportunity to take a couple different multimedia classes as well as the one that I created this blog for. I have explored so many different tools that I didn’t know existed. I have been able to see how those tools could be used for students. I have had the opportunity to connect with people that I wouldn’t meet in real life and learn from them. I have had to step out of my comfort zone and create things that I didn’t know I could create.

“CC by thinkpublic”

Have I been an innovative learner or thinker? The answer is yes. I have been able to view different perspectives and ideas through exploring my peers blogs, and use those ideas to shape my own thinking. I have learned how to use an array of tools, including Twitter, that I hope  to someday use in my own classroom. I have connected with people through twitter and the world of blogging that have so much knowledge and experience in the things that I am also interested in. I hope that I can bring innovation into my own classroom someday and think that George Couros explained it best in his article “The Mindset of an Innovator”

Couros stated, “I model the learning and leadership I seek in others. I take risks and try new things to develop and explore new opportunities. I ask others to take risks in their learning, and I openly model that I’m willing to do the same.”

The above statement is how I plan to become that innovator in my own classroom as well as encourage my students to. I plan to use social media in my classroom, most likely Twitter or even a class Facebook page. I also plan to use various tech tools to allow my students to create. I would also love to incorporate some kind of communication with students from different parts of the world, much like a pen pal but with today’s technology.

” CC by Mike Haufe”

I truly am surprised at everything I have learned throughout this course, but mainly that I am capable of stepping out of my comfort zone and creating things as well as sharing those things. I have also unlearned a few things, the biggest one being the fear of putting myself out there, I can do it, I did do it.

The Steep “Unlearning Curve”




One thought on “I am an Innovator…

  1. I really liked that you included the quote about modelling desired behaviors and traits. Far too many teachers, in my opinion, are still stuck in that “do as I say, not as I do” mentality and it is bad for student progress.


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