ASL-Week 2

Last week I decided to keep working on my ABC’s, I am now able to sign most of the alphabet without referring to my learning resources. This deemed to be a little more difficult then I initially thought. It is something that I will have to practice everyday until it becomes muscle memory. I also learned … More ASL-Week 2


ds106 is a digital storytelling college level online course that is free and open to everyone. Digital storytelling, put simply, is a way to tell your personal real life story using digital tools.       After exploring ds106 for a little bit I came across a link titled “Inspire.” I clicked on it. Inspire … More ds106

Feed the PLN

After reading “How to Cultivate a Personal Learning Network: Tips from Howard Rheingold” I felt much more comfortable moving forward and beginning the development of my own PLN. One of my favorite tips was tip #8 “Respond to inquires made to you. Contribute to both diffuse reciprocity and quid pro quo” After discovering that I not … More Feed the PLN

ASL- Week 1

So I decided to dedicate my first week to exploring the resources that were available for me to learn American Sign Language. I started by first doing a simple google search. A lot of the results were classes that were available. Although I would love to take A signing class, It just doesn’t work for … More ASL- Week 1

Happy and Healthy

After watching the TED Talk “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” I was inspired. I have always believed that students should be happy when they are in school, but never thought about happiness as being a practice. It only makes sense that students will learn more and be more engaged if they are interested and taking an … More Happy and Healthy