I am an Innovator…

Before my first year of classes after receiving my Associates of Art in Education I thought I had a pretty good mindset on what I believed education to be. I had written a theory paper on what education looked liked to me and how my future classroom would operate. I have since then changed almost … More I am an Innovator…

Attention Log

My past week of online media was filled with local news websites, email checks, Facebook and Pinterest scrolling, stitch fix tracking, sign language learning and hotel websites. Most of my time spent on local news websites happen in the evening after I get home from work. I usually tend to check my emails once in the morning and … More Attention Log

Digital Mindfulness

I would like to believe that the majority of my time spent online and using technology is indeed mindful, however this is not always the case. I, like the majority of others, find myself checking Facebook multiple times a day, and scrolling through Pinterest when I find myself the slightest bit bored. Most of these … More Digital Mindfulness

ASL- Week 3 and 4

After week 1 and week 2 I decided to stick with  “Sign Language 101”  for the rest of my ILP. I have really come to like this site. I really like that the videos are split into 10 individual lessons and offer a lot of information in each lesson. It’s almost like I am in an actual … More ASL- Week 3 and 4

Digital Activism

I think it’s fair to say that the majority of people who are active on social media have encountered some form of digital activism. Recently there was a Facebook event created for a meeting in support of the LGBT community within my community. This event was open to the public, and the organizers used Facebook … More Digital Activism